Fibre Optics

Fibre cabling is at the forefront of technology and G Com has followed its progress through the years.

We specialise in all types of fibre and all our terminations are spliced for minimum loss within the connection. A state of the art Fujikura Fusion Splicer is used as opposed to the crimp method commonly used by most of our competitors. Bend radius is an important consideration when installing fibre optics, and each cable has its own specific bend radius determined by the manufacturer.

Splicing - 100m below Sea Level

G-Com Networks specialise in the installation and splicing of Fibre. In this particular picture we see one of our engineers working 100m below sea level splicing fibre for the Mersey Tunnels in Liverpool, Merseyside.

G-Com Networks are the preferred fibre contractor for both the Mersey Tunnel Authorities and for Mersey Travel.

Specialist Terminations

G-Com Networks know that every client is different, each client has their own requirements and architectural nuances that require changes in approach and install techniques.

Here is a great example of such; a special TYCO Swing Frame fibre panel used within Mersey Tunnel installations.

We pride ourselves in taking great care when installing fibre and each core is tested with a Fluke OTDR from both ends to ensure it meets ISO testing standards.